Political Direct Mail

Political Mail is an easy way to promote candidates and get messages to voters. Flyers, brochures, letters, and postcards are cost-effective, memorable ways to explain a platform, referendum, question, or campaign.

Direct mail inspires trust and is highly customizable and persuasive. Match your digital and video ads with direct mail to increase awareness and reach more voters. All production is performed in-house: lists by demographic, bulk mail, every door direct mail, intelligent bar-code mailing, design, printing, mail services, and addressing.

Direct Mail Works but it’s better when it’s enhanced with digital. Our new technology makes it work even better.

The same message is seen several times through multiple channels to a specific targeted location on desktops, mobile phones, and gaming devices. We match your mailing addresses to specific latitude and longitude locations and geofence that location. We show those people ads before the mail hits and after the mail is received to burn that message into their minds. We can predict and confirm delivery right down to the individual piece of mail.

See How Digital Enhances Your Direct Mail!

Why Political Mail Works

One of the most potent means of communicating accurate campaign messages to voters is through Political Direct Mail.


Save money by mailing to specific areas or addresses and by using inexpensive formats such as postcards.


Send mail to voters based on age, household income, and geographic location, behavior, and interests.


Craft messages and graphics to tell an impactful story about your candidate or campaign.

Postcard Sizing Guide

Know what size postcard works best for you!
extra Large postcard direct mail sizing guide

Designing Political Mail

Design your own or schedule a meeting with one of Fox’s graphic designers for assistance on how to design your mailpiece and business reply return envelopes to USPS standards.

Direct Mail Services

Stack of direct mail post cards (HVAC)

Marketing Mail

Presort Standard Mail

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Mailing Lists

Data sources allow us to purchase lists from you specific behaviors and demographics.

EDDM Saturation Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

Graphic Design Icon

Graphic Design

Let our expert designers bring your ideas to life.

Direct Mail - new movers mailing - doctor near you

New Mover Mailers

Welcome new movers to your service area by name and introduces your business.

Websites & Landing Pages

Get a website or landing pages that attract and convert your customers.

realtor / real-estate expired listing mail

Expired Listing Mailers

Capture the attention of motivated sellers and let them know you are the agent to get the job done.

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Integrate Online Ads

Get matching ads to boost your direct mail campaign.

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