Choose the Best Size for Your Postcard Mailer

Finding the right-sized postcard for your direct mail campaign can be challenging. If you select a dimension that’s too small, it may be overlooked. Opt for one that’s too big, and it costs more and risks having to be folded to fit into a mailbox, obscuring its message.

First - choose the proper size for your direct mail campaign materials. This decision will impact your budget, as well as the overall reception of the campaign. The size should be tailored for the campaign's goals, support your message and fit well within your marketing budget.

Second - consider the US Postal Service and its requirements regarding the sizes of the mail pieces they can service. This way, you won't make some costly mistakes.

4.25" x 6"

Small Postcard

With the least amount of real estate, this postcard is compact, making it optimal for simple, straight-to-the-point designs. It is also the only size within this guide recognized as a traditional “postcard” by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).
According to the USPS, a postcard measures between 3.5’’ x 5’’ and 4.25’’ x 6’’—anything larger is considered a “letter.” Therefore, if your size falls into this space, you can send at First-Class Mail rates, which carry a lower cost of postage than Marketing Mail. From a postage-cost perspective, the latter would be best for pieces exceeding this size.
small postcard direct mail sizing guide

6" x 9"

Standard Postcard

Standard offers the most versatility. That’s why popular campaigns often use this size for their creative options. Mail products can be vertical, horizontal, or both. For example, text can be displayed horizontally on the front and vertically on the back. The Standard postcard size is also larger than envelopes, which means your postcard has a greater chance of standing out and being seen than the Small.

standard postcard direct mail sizing guide

6" x 11"

Jumbo Postcard

Jumbo postcard size offers the same versatility as the Standard with larger proportions. Given its size, you’ll likely want a vertical design similar to that of a poster. But be aware of the associated pricing increases incurred by going bigger.
jumbo postcard direct mail sizing guide

9" x 12"

Extra Large Postcard

Extra Large postcards fall under flat-rate pricing, yet this size has its own share of benefits. There’s no question of the inherently increased visibility this size commands. If your budget permits, this is your surefire way to maximize your direct mail campaign results.
extra Large postcard direct mail sizing guide

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Postcard marketing, a form of direct mail, helps you reach a targeted audience with promotional print pieces like coupons, announcements, and other offers. Along with business uses, postcards are also a great way to send information to friends and family! They can be holiday cards, graduation announcements, baby shower invitations, wedding invitations, blank thank you notes, best wishes, photo cards, save-the-date reminders and much more.