The Situation

Trey Brownfield faced 20-year city council incumbent as a first-time candidate. He wanted to promote his platform to only his voters while spending as little as possible. He needed a full service political marketing agency that works with small budgets and downballot candidates. 

The Strategy

As a political marketing agency with full service printing, Fox provided the most affordable and effective campaign no other agency offered. We served geofenced banner ads to the mobile devices of voters within his district. We reinforced his digital with direct mail postcards and doorhangers. Our expert advertising team did all the work for Trey: designing, launching and monitoring his geofence ad campaign, printing and mailing his direct mail postcards.


Trey’s campaign launched March 8 and ended March 27 at 8 p.m. The first-time candidate won in a landslide victory with 76% of the vote. Thanks, in part, to Fox’s political marketing efforts promoting his message tens of thousands of times to the right voters.


Devices Reached


Of Votes Received

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