Career Centers for Student Recruiting

Rack Cards

Career Centers for Student Recruitment. Career cards can be a valuable asset for colleges to attract and recruit students to their programs by providing essential information, showcasing career opportunities, and highlighting their unique offerings. 1. Highlight Career Opportunities Showcase the potential career paths that students can pursue after completing a specific program. By providing this… Continue reading Career Centers for Student Recruiting

Education Marketing Solutions

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Higher Education Marketing Agency​ Everything you need to enroll more students. You came to the right place if you’re looking to work with the only full service education marketing company who writes, designs and prints custom magazines, programs of study cards, digital banner ads and TV commercials. Fox is uniquely positioned to provide full marketing,… Continue reading Education Marketing Solutions

Community College TV Advertising & Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study

The Situation Nunez Community College, like most colleges across the country, was desperate to address their slumping enrollment numbers. They came to Fox looking for short and long term solutions. The Solution Unlocking Hidden Potential – We discovered Nunez was devoting most of their marketing resources to a younger demographic who made up a small… Continue reading Community College TV Advertising & Digital Marketing Solutions Case Study