Employee Recruitment Case Study

The Situation Parkway Products, manufacturer of plastic molds with locations across North America, faced a recruitment downfall. They had 100s open positions to fill and keep filled with an HR staff  The Solution Parkway needed a campaign engaging varying demographics of people, their best prospects, to come work for them over their competitors. We knew… Continue reading Employee Recruitment Case Study

Political Marketing Campaign Case Study

The Situation Trey Brownfield faced 20-year city council incumbent as a first-time candidate. He wanted to promote his platform to only his voters while spending as little as possible. He needed a full service political marketing agency that works with small budgets and downballot candidates.  The Strategy As a political marketing agency with full service… Continue reading Political Marketing Campaign Case Study

Fitness Club TV Advertising Agency Case Study

The Situation A large fitness club needed help reaching better prospects and converting them into members. Improving retention was another major goal.  They were spending thousands of dollars on social media marketing and generating hundreds of unqualified leads who didn’t convert. Fox provided a solution that no other marketing agency offered. The Solution We discovered… Continue reading Fitness Club TV Advertising Agency Case Study