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It is every recruiter’s ideal situation for candidates to apply for a job posting immediately after their initial glance, however, that is not usually the case; even when deploying a solid recruitment strategy.

If you’re like other human resource officers and hiring managers, you agree that finding and retaining the highest-level of candidates is becoming increasingly difficult. According to Manpower, almost a third of employers main reason for not filling roles is the lack of applicants, while 27% say candidates lack the necessary skills to meet the organizations requirements.

Traditional recruiting methods such as posting on job boards can, and often provide recruiters with lots of applicants, however, more applicants do not always result in quality candidates.

Be Daring.

With so many job listings, employers need innovative recruiting campaigns that reach your best candidates.

The secret to solving today’s talent shortage problem is not what, how or when you’re marketing, it’s to whom you’re promoting your company and with the right message.

Understanding what workers want and meeting those needs is the key to an effective talent strategy.

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Audience Targeting

The best place to start is with Audience Targeting, this allows recruiters to specifically focus on demographics such as age, location, hobbies, interests, and online behavior to further increase the chance of attracting the best candidates. 

Digital Advertising

Now that you’ve have a good idea of who you’re targeting reach them with digital ads. Get more reach by publish job advertisements on all websites, apps, and other online platforms that ideal candidates frequently visit. Targeting options are extensive and contribute to better quality applications and hires.

When browsing the web or using mobile devices, people can easily get distracted, whether it is a message from a friend or a notification from social media. If someone has clicked away from your job advertisement, it does not always mean that the role wasn’t enticing or that your images or content were not good enough, it could be that they were distracted by one of many distractions in this world where people are competing for attention. The more platforms, places and times you get in front of your target audience your marketing efforts will show more qualified leads and less turnover. 

Now hiring sign with qr code
A woman walks past a “Now Hiring” sign in front of a store on January 13, 2022 in Arlington, Virginia.Olivier Douliery | AFP | Getty Images

Enhance Digital with Print Advertising

Digital advertising enhanced with print media persuades potential candidates to have another look or remind them that the job is still available. Direct mail retargeting bridges the gap between online and offline marketing by giving you the freedom to advertise with a direct mail piece and matching the visitors to their postal address and name.

Create a consistent message that shares your company’s values and generates interest. Gain reputation of being a great company to work for so the next time your ideal candidate is looking for a new job, your company will spring to mind.

Whatever your recruitment needs, digital and print advertising accelerates every recruitment marketing strategy to drive quality applicants.

Work with a full service marketing agency who understands your needs.

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