Political Swag

Politics is not easy.

Political candidates must win the hearts, minds and votes of the people. A good way to do that is giving them free custom products containing your name and slogan, of course! Those nifty little freebees promote your candidacy and help voters remember your name and message. 


Here’re tips on how to effectively use promo items to increase awareness of your political campaign, win supporters and votes.

Know your voters.

This is the most important factor when considering products to promote your campaign. You use these giveaways to help you communicate. 


What items will resonate the best with your supporters? What will they value? Your promo product strategy must be to provide quality and value to grow your support base.

Make your promo items practical.

Voters appreciate receiving products they can actually use. Think about items that people use daily.


Re-useable water bottles branded with your message are eco-friendly products that prevent plastic waste and are appreciated by voters. Reusable, customized, drawstring tote bags is another practical idea. 


Custom pens, printed with your slogan and paired with a custom notebook, are inexpensive items visible and useful to people for an extended time. These gifts create a constant, campaign long reminder of who you are and what you stand for.

Interesting, creative selections help you stand out.

Stress balls that carry your message are useful and popular. Campaign hats embroidered with your slogan have a long useful life with voters. Personalized koozies are a great way to extend your campaign budget, plus they’ll keep your voters’ drinks cool. 


Automobile magnets that promote your campaign are good and useful advertising media. Plus, they’re easily removable after the election. Products that create a sense of ownership of your campaign, such as t-shirts, bracelets or buttons containing your name and message can do wonders.

Consider the timing of your gifts.

In summer, have sunglasses, tote bags or personalized hand fans. In the winter, gloves, scarves or caps are appropriate. Thinking ahead helps you avoid items not useful for the season.

What promo products should you avoid?

Bumper stickers. They’re difficult to remove and many people are reluctant to place them on expensive automobiles. Frisbees, unless you live in Hawaii, are useless. Refrigerator magnets will leave a hole in your budget and chances are people won’t put them on their fridge. Yo-yos and other novelty toys are not suitable. Your campaign is serious.

The bottom-line:

Consider the value of useful, interesting, custom promotional items. They’re essential to your successful political campaign. Choose them carefully. Your supporters will thank and remember you!

Need more information on how to use promotional products to improve your political campaign? 

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