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Drive voters to take action.

Fox Print + Digital offers full-service political consulting, direct mail, geofenced digital ads, social media, connected TV, and peer-to-peer texting.

Let us help with your campaign.

Digital Ads

Direct Mail


Political Printing

Target every household in your district with banner ads. Your ads serve to all connected devices within the home, including mobile phones, computers and tablets. 
Direct Mail is a vital piece of the political communication strategy. It is highly customizable, a marketing channel that inspires trust with voters. Sync your digital and video messages with direct mail to increase awareness of your campaign. 

Over the Top (OTT) advertising serves video commercials across ad-supported streaming platforms on any viewable device. This includes mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, televisions (CTV) and gaming platforms. 

From postcards, yard signs, banners, door hangers, and pushcards we do all your political printing and mailing in-house.

1:1 Texting

Voter Lists

Web Design

Social Media

Send real-time, personalized messages to reach and engage supporters, donors, and volunteers. Send messages that raise awareness by keeping voters informed and ready to advocate.

We use your list or ours to identify likely voters. Physical addresses can be matched to IP addresses directly targeting voters at home and on their phones. We create your audience based on behaviors, demographics, interests and more.  

Establish your political authority with your own website. Our designers will create a campaign website that sets you apart from other candidates. Boost your campaign funding and engage voters with your message.

Get a dedicated team of social media strategists to help define your goals and solutions. Promote your campaign effectively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Case Study: Funeral Home Targets the Hispanic Community

Get a personalized campaign plan!

Answer a few questions about your business, target audience, and competitors and we’ll send you a personalized marketing plan that meets your goals! 

Political Targeting Solutions

Targeting capabilities specifically built to reach potential voters on relevant issues.

Congressional District Targeting

Reach voters who live within defined congressional districts to ensure relevant messaging to key audiences.

Audience Targeting – Voter Profiles

Serve your media to audiences based on core voter profile identifiers and prior voting participation.


  • Non-partisan omnichannel advertising platform
  • Ideal in media advertising efforts for filed Candidates, PAC, and Issue Initiatives
  • Activate campaigns quickly – within the same day or within hours
  • No minimum spends
  • Target locally or on a macro scale

Target Key Locations

Available in all 50 states

Target and reach with precision, residents by:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Zip Codes
  • Sex
  • Townships
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • DMA
  • Voting Districts, State or Federal
  • Nationwide

Target Key Constituents

Reach key constituents based on their lifestyle and behavioral patterns.

  • Moms
  • Suburban Moms
  • Luxury Shoppers
  • Pet Owners
  • Recently Moved
  • Gen X
  • Gen Z
  • Millennials
  • DIYers
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Agricultural Enthusiasts
  • Walmart Shoppers
  • Whole Foods Shoppers
  • …. and more!

Third-Party Data

Categorize, filter, and target key audiences by:

  • Household Income
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Occupation (i.e. farmers, construction workers, middle management, etc.
  • White Collar/Blue Collar
  • Union Members
  • Party (i.e. registered
  • Democrats registered GOP,
  • Libertarian, or Independents)
    Voter Registration
    Voted Last Election/Did Not Vote
    Ideology (i.e. Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Independent)
    Member of the LGBTQ Community
    Environmental (i.e. Electric Vehicle, Green)
    …and more!

QR Codes

Go beyond impressions and drive measurable, meaningful engagement. Capture scans and build your own 1st party data. GroundTruth QR codes can also be customized to fit your candidate or party’s logo.

  • Increase awareness
  • Measure engagement
  • Capture scans to build 1st party audiences to retarget

Partial List of Ad Platforms

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We dot the i’s and cross the t’s! Before launching your ad campaign, our quality control team verifies your message, targeting and placement. Your success is our success! 

fox solutions digital marketing page icon marketing optimization


After your launch, the real fun begins! Our flight managers review and optimize your campaign for pacing, CTR and engagement. 

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Every client of Fox Marketing receives a custom digital ad dashboard to keep you informed of your marketing campaign’s performance. 

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