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Fox Print + Digital offers full-service political consulting, direct mail, geofenced digital ads, social media, connected TV, peer-to-peer texting, polling, live call center and rural radio.

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Digital Ads

Direct Mail


Political Polling

Target every household in your district with banner ads. Your ads serve to all connected devices within the home, including mobile phones, computers and tablets. Pre-roll videos appear before You Tube commercials and other commercials on mobile apps.

Direct Mail is a vital piece of the political communication strategy. 73% of voters prefer to read about their candidate through direct mail. Sync your digital and video messages with direct mail to increase awareness of your campaign. 

Streaming media has become a game changer in local and national political races.  Through streaming media with CTV and OTT we are able to target voters where they live and places they visit. Don’t waste money on purchasing an entire DMA when you only want to target a district.  

Don’t start your campaign without knowing what your voters want. Make sure you are running your campaign on the values and needs of your constituents. Use polling data to determine which voters you need to target. We do all of the analytics for you so there’s no guessing where you stand. 

1:1 Texting

Voter Data

AM/FM Radio

Social Media

Send real-time, personalized messages to reach and engage supporters, donors, and volunteers. Send messages that raise awareness by keeping voters informed and ready to advocate. With our real time data, we can target early voters and voters who have not voted. This is valuable when it comes down to the wire, the day before your general election.

We use real time data to identify voters. We can identify voters based on their history of voting. Physical addresses can be matched to IP addresses directly targeting voters at home and on their phones. We create a voter list by historical data, likely donors, matched cell numbers and demographics. 

Over 70% of voters feel TV has too many ads, AM/FM and Podcasting are less cluttered. Advertising for your campaign on AM/FM  performs better on a less crowded platform. This means you will reach more voters because they are less likely to skip radio commercials.  Now you can target individual radio stations in your district without the expense of wasting ads on an entire DMA. 

Get a dedicated team of social media strategists to help define your goals and solutions with Facebook and Instagram. Target the same voters you mailed and sent text messages to with our multi channel marketing. An all inclusive campaign allows you to send your message through every platform at once. 

Our Winning Campaigns

Best Field Program

We're thrilled to share that Suzanne Fox and Fox Print + Digital have been selected as finalists in the prestigious Reed Awards for our work on the Kathy Seiden For Parish Council race! 🌟 It was an incredible journey collaborating with Kathy on her campaign, and we couldn't be more proud of the results! Kathy was an absolute rockstar from day one! But that's not all—our nomination comes in the category of "Best Field Program for a Bootstrapped Campaign." 🏆 Now, you might be wondering, what exactly does "bootstrapped campaign" mean? Well, let us break it down for you: A bootstrapped campaign refers to a political or marketing campaign that operates with minimal external funding and resources. Instead of relying on big budgets or hefty financial backing, a bootstrapped campaign relies on creativity, resourcefulness, and sheer determination to make a big impact. It's about doing more with less and finding innovative ways to connect with voters or customers without breaking the bank. We provided an omnichannel marketing campaign that included strategy, design, direct mail, geofencing, texting, signs, push cards, social media engagement and web - all done in-house with no outside sources for under $14,000.00.

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