Target Your Audience with Direct Mail, Geofencing, and CTV!

Direct mail, geofencing and CTV are beneficial stand alone products. When used together, they are exceptional.

Direct Mail

EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail 
Targets specific neighborhoods
The most cost effective method of direct mail because of carrier route saturation.

Marketing Mail

Target a list of specific names by audience modeling, like demographics, propensities, behaviors and income.
EDDM every door direct mail


  • Pair geofencing with both types of direct mail.
  • Target neighborhoods where EDDM mail was dropped.
  • Target specific addresses where marketing mail was dropped.
  • Target competitors.
  • Target places where your customers/voters like to visit.
  • Target where your customers/voters live.
  • Can be packaged with direct mail or used independently.


Target your audience with video that matches the look and message of your direct mail and digital ads.

multichannel targeting

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Example presentation for a funeral home who wanted to target the hispanic community.

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Connect ads to audience your audience when and where it matters most

Fox leverages physical world data to build unique audience and targeting solutions that help you understand and reach the right people at the right time.

Behavioral Audience

Leverage more than 128 segmented audiences and overlay real-world visitation behavior with demographic data.

Brand Targeting

Reach people who have visited a specific brand location or specialty store. Leverage data from thousands of brands and major chains.

Proximity Targeting

Reach prospects where they are in the defined vicinity of a specific location to impact immediate and future behaviors. 


Reach target areas of proven observed visitation to your locations.

Weather Triggering

Automate your campaigns to activate or pause based on current and forecasted climate conditions. 


Retarget an impressed audience on all screens to make sure your message is being reinforced at the right 

Omni-Channel: Reach Your Audience...

Fox makes it easy to run integrated cross-channel marketing campaigns through a single platform.

Reach high-intent customers with display ads on their computers, mobile or tablets, or Connected TV devices.

multichannel targeting

...across Top Online Punlishers

We deliver your ads on premium inventory that has been manually curated for brand safety and with fraud prevention solutions.



Weather Channel

BBC News






USA Today


...and more!

We know who your audience is, what they want, and how they behave.

Best of all, we know how to reach and persuade them.

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