The Situation

A large fitness club needed help reaching better prospects and converting them into members. Improving retention was another major goal. 

They were spending thousands of dollars on social media marketing and generating hundreds of unqualified leads who didn’t convert. Fox provided a solution that no other marketing agency offered.

The Solution

We discovered the keys to successfully growing membership and reducing churn. Our longterm marketing campaign targeted best prospects and current members.

Their ideal membership prospect was identified by using their current members demographic, financial, family size, home value and other characteristics. 

We served TV commercials and banner ads plus native ads to this audience. The whole campaign was reinforced with direct mail and a custom fitness magazine. We tracked QR code scans, and matched new enrollments to the targeted addresses to reveal the 3000% increase in ROI.



Members enrolled over 2.5 years.


LTV Revenue



Get Started!

Let our talented marketing success team do the heavy lifting.

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Custom Magazine 

to build their brand within the community, generate new members and strengthen their relationship with current members Pelican Athletic Club publishes a custom magazine. Each issue educates readers with health and wellness content, pictures of previous events, articles featuring members and staff and allows for local businesses to place ads within the book. 

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