Career Centers for Student Recruitment.

Career cards can be a valuable asset for colleges to attract and recruit students to their programs by providing essential information, showcasing career opportunities, and highlighting their unique offerings.

1. Highlight Career Opportunities

Showcase the potential career paths that students can pursue after completing a specific program. By providing this information, colleges can demonstrate how their programs can lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers.

2. Share Program Information

Provide essential details about the college’s programs, including degree options, course requirements, and application deadlines. This information can help students make informed decisions about their academic and career paths.

3. Enhancing Marketing Materials

Colleges can incorporate career cards into their existing marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and websites. By doing so, they can make their programs more appealing to potential students and differentiate themselves from other colleges.

4. Targeting Specific Audiences

Career cards can be tailored to specific audiences, such as high school students, transfer students, or adult learners. By targeting these audiences with personalized career cards, colleges can better connect with potential students and demonstrate how their programs meet their unique needs.

5. Providing Testimonials

Career cards can feature testimonials from current students, alumni, and employers, highlighting the value of the college’s programs and the success of its graduates. By sharing these success stories, colleges can demonstrate the practical outcomes of their programs and build trust with potential students.

Drive Students To You

“…we have received tremendous interest from the campuses and high schools on the use and practicality of the cards.” – Dr. William Wainwright, PH.D, Chancellor of Northshore Technical Community College

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32 Career Cards 

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